Sunday, January 13, 2008

All you need to know about me:

I also keep an active video blog which you can find here:

I also participate in a YouTube Colab channel called VlogTag:

My flickr account also gets updated from time to time with new pictures that don't really fit the "facebook picture" requirements I set for myself, mostly they don't have taggable friends and people in them, at least not usually. I mostly use flickr as an outlet for more artistic forms of photograhy

I also moderately keep up with a twitter, although less so now that I live where there is no cell phone service (Read: Eastern Rural Kentucky)

I have both a facebook account and a myspace account, although if you'd really like to reach me I'd suggest the facebook as I really only use the myspace to listen to my good friend libby's music

Bobby Jones's Facebook profile

I suppose that is all you need to know from here, have fun.