Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Disappearing Camera

Somehow in the last few days I've misplaced my camera, this is bad on a few levels really.

1.) My camera is like a life line to the internet for me, I carry it everywhere, taking pictures, short video clips to use later, and just generally feel more connected to the peeps online when I've got the device with me. While I know it doesn't actually connect me to the internet, it has no satellite link or wifi fanciness, it just makes me feel more connected.

2.) I spent a shitload of money on that camera, and really don't feel like shelling out another shitload to replace it, I was happy with the camera, it takes great photos and records just high enough quality video to satisfy my YouTubeiness

3.) If I don't find my camera soon I will have to start recording videos on my webcam again, and NO ONE wants to see that shitty quality anymore, least of all me. Because really I couldn't just stop making videos right now, I'm on a creative high and love doing this a lot, also I have a commitment to fulfill on a collab channel my friends and I are involved in and if I fail to meet that commitment I'll have some challenge or punishment to fulfill on top of the initial commitment.

For now I'll leave you with a classic The Me Fund video, it's one I'm quite proud of made around this time last year (2008) enjoy.

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