Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sorry for the Neglect...

So I know I neglect this space a lot more than I should, but I've taken to extremely therapeutic video blogging.

Writing these little episodes is very much like journaling for me in that I explore the reasons and arguments behind my knee-jerk emotional responses to things in my life.

As I explain in on of the videos below here I prefer the video medium because it's somehow easier for me to communicate information that way, and it's more fun for me. Blogging in the traditional sense always sort of feels like a chore, so I rarely do it. With that said, below are two of my most recent vlogs, if you want to see more please stop by my YouTube channel

This is a more scripted, better produced version of a video response I did over on my other channel, plus some additional stuff about my screen name you can check out my other channel here:

If you don't know what the uncultured Project is then where have you been living all these months?

Info on the NW YouTube Gathering which I'm attending in June:

My Paypal:

Did anyone else notice that when I'm in color my shirt is both backwards AND inside out? I didn't notice until I proofed the video AFTER the editing and render was complete, too late now!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Mamacitas in My Valley'
by Diggi Dis
OverClocked ReMix

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