Sunday, May 10, 2009

Great Weekend!

What an awesome weekend man! I can not begin to express how badly I needed a good weekend like this after all the poop that's been going on around here lately, and that is exactly what I got.

The weekend started with a simple volunteer get together thrown here at Camp AJ, nothing formal just invited everyone over for a cookout with some games and stuff, a chance to reconnect with those volunteers who've been busy with all the crazy stuff in the springtime.

Everyone began arriving around 5PM after work, we fired up the grill around 6 and just basically sat around and talked for nearly two hours outside under a pavilion while it rained buckets around us.

Turns out there was a big system of tornadoes surrounding us, so there were insane fast moving cloud systems right above our heads.

After the cookout we moved into Old Hickory (a building in Camp AJ, which is owned by CAP) where we had invited Mitch Barrett to play an intimate little show for us. I love Mitch, and am never disappointed when he plays, but this little concert we had was by far the most relaxed and awesome I've ever seen him and Owen (his bass player) be.

I thought perhaps that the greatness was at it's peak right after Mitch finished playing his show for us, oh how wrong I was, apparently the sweetness had yet to begin.

Flash forward with me to the next morning, we wake up around 9AM and head over to Tater Knob Pottery, a locally owned, very hippie friendly, pottery store. They were having an open house Saturday morning so we stopped by because a few of the housemates had met the owner before and really loved her. Those housemates are no longer the only ones around these parts who love her, at the very least I am included in the "love her" group now. She and her husband are both Berea College grads, and have both stated that if they can help me in any way to just let them know, while I don't think they will be of much assistance, it's still nice to know people are out there rooting for me.

After we left Tater Knob we all as a group went up and saw the newest Star Trek movie, which was so great! Even for a casual watcher of Star Trek (I've maybe seen 4 full episodes) it was still a really fun movie to watch, I knew just enough of the insider Trekkie jokes to think they were funny and I never felt left out. I'll leave all the reviewing to the real trek fans out there, I thought it was worth seeing if you like space ships and aliens, that's all the review you'll get from me.

After we left the movie we went down to Berea, which is my favorite town in the United States, not that I've been to very many, but this one takes the cake. We were meeting for dinner and were going to watch Mitch Barrett play again because we are addicts, most of us ended up at the locally owned bookseller there in Berea, I got "Breakfast of Champions" by Kurt Vonnegut, which I am enjoying so far. We walked around the "international Festival" that was in town, ended up being rather dull aside from a few semi-nifty booths, there was a terrible band playing on the stage so we walked over to the coffee shop to grab some dinner. The walk from the festival to the coffee shop led us through Berea College campus, which for being so small, is packed with awesome. The light of the day was that late afternoon summer sun that shines through the tree tops and makes everything warm and glowy, combined with some water on the ground from a rain storm earlier in the day that still hadn't quite burned off, a great new book, and friends it was one of the most enjoyable walks I've had in recent history.

When we got to the coffee shop we were under the impression that Mitch was supposed to be playing at a little cafe a few stores down so the plan was to grab some coffee, head over there when his show started and get some food and sit and watch him play. Apparently they are renovating some part of the cafe that Mitch was supposed to play at, so instead he was going to be playing at the international festival. What that means, for those not following closely, is that we got to make that most enjoyable walk all over again, only this time in reverse.

When I arrived (I walked ahead of everyone else) Mitch was already on stage and had apparently just finished a song I was hoping to see him play. Bummer. However, he did have a mandolin player with him and was playing a lot of the song that I love anyway, so I wasn't too broke up about it.

The most important thing that happened during this show of Mitch's is that for his last song (Drop in a Bucket) he invited all of the CAP volunteers on to the stage to sing it with him! He had threatened to do this the previous night, we of course thought he was joking, how pleasantly wrong we turned out to be.

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