Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Problems with Authority

You know what sounds like something terribly bland and boring, but which gives my life so much joy and fulfillment? Organizing things that no one else will care about.

For instance, I've literally spent hours at a time editing tags and filters on my Gmail inbox so that when I sign in I know EXACTLY what types of messages I've received, and when I mouse over my Gmail notifier it shows me all the tags so I know if it's even WORTH going to check the emails. I've spent hours at a time organizing my "library", I own a very limited amount of Books, but by God they're organized.

Today I let hours float by as I cleaned and organized some shelves in the housing storage barn, and I'm pretty exciting about going back and finishing the job.

I always feel so at peace when things are organized and in their place, even if their place isn't really all that practical, I like having things at a glance all where I can see it without having to move anything around to see stuff behind other stuff. When I worked in Kitchens I would constantly be setting up these somewhat elaborate systems of organization and I would clean the tools that I used REALLY well, I'd go on rampage pet project type missions where I'd rip apart a shelf, clean it to a "like-new" condition and then put everything back on the shelf in some crazy, only makes sense to me, way.

The problem with doing projects like this on my own whims is that 1.) it takes up alot of time, which can be bad if I'm left without some kind of back-up people around to help take care of the everyday things that need done, and 2.) when people see me freely doing things like this and enjoying them, they expect me to do those types of things more often, and therefore they ASK me to do them.

Little known fact: left to my own devices I'll do almost anything, clean dishes, organize shit, whatever, but the very instant someone tells me to do that very same thing that I was revving up to doing on my own, I change my mind and even tend to resent the thing I was just moments before excited about doing.

What is that about?

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  1. I do the same. I'm horrible at doing cleaning/organizing stuff like that if asked or at least I'll have a horrible attitude about it, but if I decide on a strange whim to do it by/for myself I feel accomplished and good about it. Probably has something to do with making yourself happy vs. making someone else happy.