Saturday, May 2, 2009

Teen Retreat Spring 09

So We are currently in the midst of Teen Retreat Weekend here at Camp AJ, which is why my online presence has been greatly reduced.

We have 28 Teens from 5 counties represented here, all between thirteen and seventeen years old. needless to say this is both a stressful time for our volunteers and also a really fun time for us all.

My Main role this weekend is the Photographer, so I mainly walk around taking pictures of all the fun events that the other volunteers put tons of time and effort into planning. The volunteer planners have come up with some really fun team games and events for this weekend.

For example, in one event the teens had to work together to create and exact replica a very intricate "pyramid" using straws, marshmallows, strips of colored paper, and paperclips. The catch is that the pyramid they are building is in another room, and only one person can look at it at a time, coming back to report to the rest of their group what it looks like/how to build it.

Not only did the teens have to work in their individual "teams" but they had to employ some diplomacy to negotiate with the other groups. The materials for the activity were purposefully imbalanced, on group would be lacking a few marshmallows but have an excess in the straws department, one group would lack a straw or two but have three or four extra paperclips, the idea being that every group had to work in unison with all the other groups in order to get their structure built.

Free time is about to end (I'm writing this from Camp while the teens are out free timing it up outside) and I'm going to have to go take some more pictures of them while they sing some songs and do some large group activities.

Have a great day!

To learn more about CAP's Summer Camp Programs click here, there are links for volunteer applications and more pictures on the site.

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