Saturday, May 9, 2009

This is the Story of a Hater

So I think anyone who posts user generated content online, whether it be a blog, videos, pictures on flickr or some other public site, or whatever it is, anyone would agree that one sure fire way you can gauge your success is the number of "haters" you get on any particular piece, post, or video, or just hate on you in general.

If you have no haters that generally means you're playing to an audience that is comprized of mostly close friends and family members who will tell you even the worst piece of crap in your portfolio is the work of a master. That is their duty to you as a friend of someone creating artwork, to love an support you, even if that means telling a white lie or two along the way.

Well, I think perhaps I'm entering into a new level of success, I got my first Archduke of Hate today, beginning with a simple hit and run case of hate - a comment consisting of "what an ugly motherfucker lol" - and escalating into a stream of hate so long it took three video comments just to get all of it in. What follows is my response to the first comment, which I had to leave on the Haters channel page because he had deleted the comment right after posting it so as not to look like a hater to the rest of the world, followed by his replies (I'll condense them into one paragraph for ease of reading) and my retort thus far. I may need to update this conversation if the hater decides to come back, which I hope he does as I've invited him back as often as he would like.

If you'd like to see the comments in their native habitat you can click here, to visit my Hater on his home turf click here

My initial response:
Hey I just wanted to stop by and thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to watch my video. Not only did you take the time to watch, but you also left me such an insightful comment, I can't tall you how much it means to me.

I was hoping I could just reply there on the video page, but it seems like there might be some sort of YouTube glitch, looks like your comment was deleted. I'll repost it here for anyone who is interested in knowing your great and infinite wisdom:

"what an ugly motherfucker lol"

That is great stuff man, I lol'd my way to the bank with that witty stuff. Keep up the great work!

You're new found friend,

His three comment long rebuttal:
is that u in that vid?? okay,listen,everybody who feels the need to show his or her face on youtube thinks for whatever reason that the youtubecommunity would be a lot richer with their faces on some videos.99 per cent of these people think they are pretty.i leave the comment i left on that video on almost every video where a guy shows his face and discusses something totally useless and dumb.btw it was me myself who deleted the comment after posting it cause i felt a bit bad about it

but to be honest with you,i cant stand pple who think they are so beautiful that the whole world needs to see.i ve given a lot more input into my youtube channel than e.g. you with the nonsense talking videos and i dont feel the need to show my face,though i d say i m average looking.but never in a billion years would i upload a video where i show my face,even if i would play a song on the guitar,i would only show my body til my neck cause i d imagine pple downloading the vid and using it for ??

using it for god knows what. so my final words for you: FUCK YOU

My counterpoint:
Did I hit a nerve? Seems like you need a hug man.

Listen, I know you deleted the comment, I'm not that foolish, it's sad to me that sarcasm fails in text based communication. If you really felt bad about a comment why would you leave it in the first place?

I'm not here to show the world my "pretty face", this video was not made for anyone but Julia, it's nice that other people take time to listen and watch, but that's not the point.

I hardly think "everybody who feels the need to show his or her face on youtube thinks for whatever reason that the youtubecommunity would be a lot richer with their faces"

If I wanted to simply show my pretty face to folks I'd get a job as a magazine model or something, however I'm well aware that I'm not a very attractive man, and I never claimed to be.

I am, however, confident enough in myself that I don't care whether other people think I look good or not, therefore I post videos here.

The reason I replied to your shallow and vapid comment was because it was exactly that, shallow and lacking any substance.

As far as "input into my youtube channel than e.g. you with the nonsense talking videos" is concerned, it hardly takes any skill to rip something from TV, throw some copyrighted, ripped mp3 behind it, render it and upload it to YouTube.

That is not to say it takes any skill to sit and talk to my camera, it's just foolish to think what you do takes MORE skill than this.

Thanks for stopping by though, it was great talkin with ya!

Stop by anytime and feel free to rate my videos one star, leave your hate filled comments and generally brood over how shitty I am for posting this garbage for the whole world to see.

I gauge my success by the number of haters I have, so far you're the top of your class, rally the troops man, I need more of your kind around here, you make it interesting!

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  1. I like that you are doing scripted blogs now, for some reason I tend more toward reading than watching--now when I miss the video, I can still get the words--thanks!