Thursday, December 24, 2009

Maybe a fresh start? Maybe.

I have a terrible habit of letting blogs go dormant for FAR too long.

I would of course say that I'm going to try and update this more often, but thats probably a lie. I don't like lying to folks.

It's hardly a bother because people don't actually read my blogs on any large scale, so I'm not disappointing a million and a half people by failing at this whole thing. I am however also neglecting my video blogs, which is a shame because I tend to enjoy doing them, I just never find time to sit down and write, record and edit the damn things. Throw on top of that the fact that I have sub par lighting and therefore grainy low-quality videos, and you get a highly neglected vlog.

I am going to begin doing all of these projects more often, or at least attempting to upkeep them a bit more. I do enjoy the occasional text-based rant, and in fact always have a subject rolling around in my head that I think might make a good video, but never flesh them out. I also think that the blog would make a good outlet for the video ideas that don't exactly fit with the style choice I've made on my channel. There are plenty of occasions where I'll come up with a basically one sided rant or subject I'd like to talk about. If you know anything about my vlogs you'll realize that one sided arguments aren't really my thing, not my shtick as they say.

However I've always viewed v/blogs as a bit self-indulgent. I mean, I can't be that interesting to people that they'd want to hear about all my mundane thoughts and daily habits right? Then the other part of me says "but you have friends that exist online, that are invested heavily in your life and WOULD be interested in your daily happenings and thoughts." I suppose this is the audience I'd be v/blogging to and for. so yeah, watch this space for more yumminess.

I guess.

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