Monday, May 24, 2010

First day of "training"

So I have begun timing myself like I said in my last post. To date my average speed is 15.25mph with my top speed still being 16.8mph for 2.8 miles.

I've looked up some videos and touring "faq" type things online. From what I read I'm actually in pretty good condition to begin a tour. The suggestions are that you be riding at least 10 miles a day comfortably. I do that 4 times over each day and while I am feeling it by the 4th ride, I really feel quite fine for most of the day.

The one fear I have right now is simply neck, back and shoulder fatigue/damage. I don't have a great upper body right now and the strain I have to put on my neck and shoulders when I'm really humpin' it on the bike is going to cause problems. I already feel the strain, and have even when I was only riding like 20 miles or less per day. I have a touring bike, so the angle which I sit for cruising doesn't cause a ton of stress, but when I really wanna hustle it along the roads and get up to that 17-18mph for the short spurts I have to scrunch down.

Tracked Stats as of this post:
# of Rides:8
Distance Ridden: 54.9mi (88.35km)
Time in Saddle: 3:36
Average Distance per Ride: 6.86mi (11.04km)
Average Speed: 15.25mph (24.542kph)
Top Speed: 16.8mph (27.037kph)

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