Wednesday, November 17, 2010

College Life

I know that we never stop learning, but I would love to stay in the institutional learning system for a long long time. The problem is that staying inside the system means that I have to secure funding for all those years.

Since I was just dropped from my scholarship (personal differences between myself and the staff of the department) and I'm so close to completing my AA degree, securing the funding for the next semester of school is actually going to kind of suck. The good thing is that I'm over 25, which means the government is pretty willing to give me funding through grants like the Pell grant and lots of Federal Loans.

I didn't go to school a few years back because I wouldn't have been able to secure that funding because my parents make far too much money. Of course the government works under the assumption that parents who make a goodly amount of money are willing to support their children through school. While this is sometimes the case, it certainly isn't with my parents.

I have spoken to my parents MAYBE once a year for the past few years, and each time it ends pretty poorly. You can actually go through the archives of this blog to find when the last time I saw my parents was (hint: you'd have to back about a year) If you've been following me for a long enough time you'll know that the relationship there is far from the kind that would convince the 'rents to fund my college plans.

Anyway, enough about my parents.

I do not think I'm alone in the feeling of being adrift in the education system. I enjoy learning like many people, but I don't know what is an acceptable path to take in order to both continue learning and still be gainfully employable at the end of 4 years in school.

Oh well.

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