Monday, November 1, 2010

Other People's Trash

I've wanted to make this into a much larger video for some time now, but never seem to be in the right mood when I have time to film it.

I am always struck by how often people hand me their trash so I can throw it away for them. It happens all the time when I'm on campus, people hand me some piece of junk flier so I can then walk 10 feet and put it in the paper recycling bin, or I get mail that can't possibly apply to me (like the one I talk about in the video) or some other such nonsense.

It happens even MORE to people who live in big cities. When I visited Vegas and NYC this summer there were people all over the place handing out their trash. It was gross.

Every once in a while--if I have some time to spare--I'll actually grab something, stand right in front of the person handing it out, read it and then hand it back to them. It took a couple of years to train myself out of the natural response of just grabbing whatever was stuck in front of me. I would just be trucking along and someone would shove their trash in my direction and without even knowing what was going on my damn hand would shoot out and take it. I was always vastly disappointed in my hand, and took great pains to discipline it later. That sounds dirty, but it's not, I assure you.

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