Tuesday, December 14, 2010

:10 Topics | Se. 1, Ep. 4 | Chew Quieter Please

I've never really understood my obsession with the sound people make when they chew. I don't get why it bothers me at all. However, according to the comments I got on this video I am not alone at all here. That is certainly a comforting thought.

At one point a girlfriend and I got into HUGE fights over the fact that I hated listening to her chew. Granted, we had many other issues, not the least of which was we were both still growing up out of abusive and neglectful home lives, and dealing with being very young first-time parents, but still, the chewing thing was one of the topics of frustration.

It's funny, at the time I really thought I had a right to demand that she chew quieter, that somehow she could control it, or that she was doing it deliberately to annoy the piss out of me. Yet she also thought I was just making it all up so that I could find something to rail at her for. It's interesting what happens as we grow older and realize that really our relationship as a whole was just a mess and better left in the dusty past.

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