Wednesday, December 22, 2010

:10 Topics | Se. 1, Ep.5 | Pen Thief

I always found it odd how coworkers of mine would steal my pens and then expect me to simply forget that I'd given them the pen. In the world of the restaurant--especially that of the Front of House--a good pen is a precious commodity, and to steal a fellow servers good pen was akin to stealing money from them.

The same rules apply when you think about the BOH staff. If I buy a sharpie--which I rarely did--and then I loaned it out to a fellow cook to label something "real quick" I ALWAYS got it back, unless of course the sharpie was about to die anyway.

All that being said though, if I borrowed a pen from you, and you failed to retrieve it within 2 shifts, that pen became MY pen, so you better not let me borrow a nice pen unless you plan to get it back.

Let's leave aside for a moment the fact that I have still failed to give Julia back her Silver Sharpies which I borrowed at VidCon....

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