Sunday, December 26, 2010

This was a Good Day

I always enjoy when I get things in the mail, and I really needed this the day that I got it. It was very cold, I was still recovering from being sick (or just beginning to get sick, I can't remember) and I didn't really want to stay as a volunteer at the time. Getting this particular package in the mail was really great.

It also began what would turn out to be a long road to having a new baby. The person who sent me these yummies is my current girlfriend, although I wouldn't know it for another year or so after this video was made. Life is an interesting beast sometimes, leading us down these crazy paths that we never would have seen coming at all.

I've been taking this wander down memory lane recently, watching older videos of mine, wondering how I can improve my current format, I'm still not sure if the formula I'm using reaches a wide enough audience, or if it really even fits me completely. Don't get me wrong I have been enjoying doing the videos that get people talking and commenting in very thoughtful and respectful ways, I just don't know if I can sustain it. The topics are not coming to me nearly as easily as they had been for awhile, and I'm starting to think that perhaps I will begin to just look like a jackass (moreso than I do now) because I haven't really thought out some of my topics. Which is why I'm watching some of the old stuff, wondering if maybe there is something there that I can reboot.... doubtful.

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