Saturday, January 1, 2011

365 Picture Project

I have been wanting to take more pictures, I used to take pictures ALL THE TIME, but then I stopped living in a place that was inherently beautiful (read: Rural KY) and so I stopped carrying my camera with me all the time.

I don't have a fantastic camera, and it's beginning to die (there are at least 2 dead pixels on the sensor) but it still takes photos that are better than my phone's camera--which I'm sure I'll use during this project as well--so I'm just going to commit to taking at least one picture everyday, starting today, Jan 1, 2011.

Today's picture is a shot of my vlogging "studio." I have 2 desk lamps that were just found around the house, and 2 cheap Clip Lights that I bought at Lowes for like 6-7 bucks each. My Camera is described in great detail on my website, so if you're reading this in a reader and would like to know more, please check the "equipment" section on my site. The crap on the wall is all stuff that either friends have sent me, or that I have collected for sentimental reasons.

The interesting thing about all that wall stuff, is it is really the only stuff I ever keep. I'm not really one for having a ton of stuff, so when I get mail, unless it REALLY means something to me I tend to just recycle it soon after getting it. I don't save love notes from ex-girlfriends, I don't save many ticket stubs or things like that. I try to every once in a while, but I end up not doing anything with it, and not feeling especially attached to the stuff later on down the road, so I simply toss it out.

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  1. I can't throw things out. But I think it is because my memory is so terrible I'm afraid I'll forget things.