Tuesday, January 11, 2011

365.11 Stumps

I was walking to the bus stop in front of campus along a rather familiar route, which used to contain a large tree, but sadly as of today, no longer passes by a tree; rather, a stump. I wondered why they would cut down a perfectly good tree that was clearly just minding its own business, realizing only later that it was probably interfering with the sewage pipeline that is just out of frame in this shot. Perhaps it was also reeking havoc with the foundation of the nearby building
, or was simply in the way of progress.

For some reason I feel a pull towards poetic language here, as if I'm sitting on a stool in a smokey bar tell you all this story. As if there will big some big revelation about the metaphorical nature of this stump, how it is a symbol of hatred or "progress" or the man keeping us down. However I'm at a loss for what that metaphor really is, and just struck with a sad bit of longing for a tree that is no longer there.

I used to sit in the shade of that tree during breaks between classes, especially in the summertime when it was warm enough to do so. It's far too cold now to consider lying on the grass under a tree. If anything I'd lie in the open sun where at least it's rays might give me some solace from the biting cold wind and lack of acceptable worldly axis-tilt. I'm #TeamSummer through and through, and I find this cold weather appalling.

this post doesn't have a lot of meaning, I just needed to type so that my fingers were in motion and would gain some heat on their own. This doesn't seem to have worked so I'm going to take a warm shower in the hopes that--like a reptile--I might raise my body temperature again.

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