Tuesday, January 4, 2011

365.4 Tea

I used to drink a lot of coffee when I was still a kitchen worker. I drank at least 2 Quad-Venti White Chocolate Mochas a day, and that was just because I couldn't make it out of the kitchen to get 3 or 4 of them. When I moved to the front of house (server) I started drinking tons of fountain sodas, like ALL THE TIME I had a soda around somewheres stashed at a server station ready for me to eat up my own guts with.

When I stopped working in restaurants in August of 2008 and moved to KY to volunteer, I discovered my love and affection for tea. Mainly my love stems from my early childhood addiction to honey. I used to eat honey directly from this little honey bear that my grandparents ALWAYS kept full when I was around. I ate toast with butter and honey every morning for breakfast, I ate the same anytime I needed a midday snack. I always loved honey.

Tea has become in some ways simply the vehicle in which honey is transported into my bloodstream. In less than a month during the semester I will go through 5 lbs. of honey without hesitation. I am pretentious and only drink lose-leaf Earl Grey tea with tons of honey and just a splash of milk. I learned from my friend Helen that drinking tea with cream (a common practice for me before July 2009) was a BIG no-no amongst real tea drinkers (read: the British) and that the only acceptable mixers in tea are honey, lemon, and milk.

So this picture is of my tea kettle and my current supply--look at me using junky terms--of honey. I one day hope to care for an apiary and have my own never ending supply of fresh honey. For now I'll just live with the knowledge that I'm helping support a local bee-keeper and in return they supply me with the sweet stuff.


  1. LOVE tea! I drink mostly green tea though, and ocasionally a cup of Earl Grey or Lapsang Souchong.

    Right now I'm going through a giant bag of Japanese green tea that I got from a sushibar =) Doens't go that well with honey, but it's still delicious!

  2. Haha, of course you aren't meant to put honey and milk together. It should be tea with milk. Or tea with honey and lemon. Or tea with lemon. But I guess whatever floats your boat is the right thing :)

    FYI I am not a big fan of honey (I have warm milk and honey when I'm ill though) and when I was about 5 in a play I had to eat honey - "The Queen was in her counting house eating bread and honey" - and I cried.