Wednesday, January 5, 2011

365.5 Stupid Laws

I'm a total idiot...

It is the first day of classes here in Gainesville, and it's raining, therefore I took our newly bought van out to class because I didn't want to get wet and I also had another errand I needed to take care of on UF's campus. Unfortunately for me, the first week of classes is when most of the police force gets there ticket writing practice in, so they troll for violations pretty heavily.

What I didn't remember about the van is that we hadn't actually put the new tags on it yet, and the old tags expired back in November when we bought the van. We don't really drive it all that often, partly due to the terrible gas mileage it gets, and mostly due to the fact that we don't really NEED it very often. I was just feeling very lazy today, so I took the van rather than riding around on my bike in the chilly rainy day.

Getting pulled over usually isn't such a big deal, but for me it is because I still haven't actually gone down and renewed my license which has been expired for 3+ years. So when the cops ask for my license registration and proof of insurance I can only hand them 2 of the three items. I was pretty scared that I might be taking a trip down to the jailhouse, but ultimately the cops were pretty cool and let me just call my girlfriend to come pick me and the van up. I did get 2 tickets, and a court date, but not a trip to a holding cell. The court is of course the day my child is due to be born, so that's rather inconvenient, but the guys said I could probably work it out earlier than the date, so you know.... meh?

The ultimate irony? I was on UF's campus to get a new UF staff ID so that I can ride all the public buses in town for free so I didn't have to drive our punk ass van around anymore....


  1. I hate when Irony comes along!
    But at least you are going to get everything in order right?
    I think that with the baby you are going to need the van, maybe?

  2. I couldn't live my life as I do without my car so I am very very careful that everything is up to date all the time. $20 isn't much incentive to not do it again, traffic laws are dumb because they are pointless unless they amke sense :P