Friday, January 7, 2011

365.7 "Textbooks"

I am always excited when I don't need to buy the outragiously overpriced college textbooks during a semester. Pictured here are all of the books I needed to buy. Sure there were a few others that I could have bought, but ultimately they weren't going to be used often enough in class to warrant a purchase. The best thing any professor can say to me is "Don't bother buying my book, we won't use it much."

These books are all for one class: Intro to Philosophy, which I am taking after I'd already taken a more advanced philosophy course two semesters ago with the same professor. The only reason I'd decided to take this course was to boost my chances of getting into the UF Liberal Arts college in the Fall of '11. The best part of the required books here is that I am now required to read Orwell's 1984, which is something I've been wanting to do for years, but never had proper motivation to do other than the nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I should read it.

Most of my classes seem like they are going to be pretty cool. I have two former professors again this semester, so there is already good rapport and clear expectations established. My Comparative Politics class looks to be pretty informative, in that he is making us read the NYTimes everyday, which is something I should probably do anyway. My Genetics & Evolution class is taught by an eccentric 50-something woman who brings her dog to class in her purse. She grades mostly with Tests, which are multiple choice, visual, and online. I expect I will do well in this class.

For the comments: What was/is your favorite class in college.


  1. Well, Im studding international business (no much related with your clases, but I do have one class that is import and export which we have to look every day a site which have the news about any new law or agreement related to the product Mexico exports. Many of the news have to do with the relation between Mex and USA.
    And every week we have to do an essay explaining which news we find more interesting

  2. I have never udnerstood multiple choice exams... even if you guess you ahve a good chance of getting it right. I am a fan of the essay question... maybe not at the time, but I like getting stuck in.

    My favourite class at university was... (it is a few years ago now and my memory is crap)... pop culture... I think we did that. I just remember being able to write an essay on Buffy. I was in heaven.