Sunday, January 9, 2011

365.9 TeamNoMustard

On the right side of this image you can see the TUB of mustard that Publix sent with a small party sub they make. The wine bottle is only there for size comparison.

I don't really know what got me to begin really hating mustard, but I really do. Especially plain yellow mustard like this. The smell repulses me, the taste makes my stomach turn, it's just a totally gross condiment in general.

Then again, I'm not really a fan of most condiments. I like honey (as previously discussed) and I like relish and ketchup on hot dogs (when I eat them, which is rare) but other than that I don't usually do a ton of condiments. I hardly even spice my food that much either, I don't add much salt to things that I cook, I typically can't stand black pepper. I dunno, I'm just a plain guy.

I love salsa though. Also, I love salty french fries, but don't typically use ketchup on them.

If forced to eat any type of mustard I go with the honey variety, because then at least I'm getting a portion of something that I enjoy, but it does tend to ruin honey a little bit for me each time.


  1. This blog post saddens me. Like you I'm really not a condiment type of person, I rarely use ketchup and completely detest mayonaise.

    I am how ever very much #TeamMustard though I prefer American mustard over English Mustard (it has a harsher taste and reminds me of sauerkraut or HorseRadish.) Though I have grown to enjoy that in moderation as well due to American Mustard being difficult to find in english restaurants.

    Helen is unfortunately #teamNoMustard as well and tends to gag if she sees me puting Mustard on anything. I wont go into the British oddity of pickeling everything (including a still born gorilla I saw on BBC yesterday)

    All that being said That is a freakishly large tub of mustard.


    I am also repulsed by just the smell of mustard and it is my number one most detested food. And I am NOT a picky eater.

    Unfortunately my husband likes to not just use a little bit but puts a fucking fuck load of fucking disgustingness on every frickin' meal. Ew. I really find it nauseating but marriage is all about compromise!

    I wouldn't eat even a lick of mustard for money. Nope.