Saturday, January 15, 2011

Collab Video with WheezyWaiter and ckXcore

So this isn't a 365 post (that will get posted later this evening) but I wanted to share with the dozen or so of you that might read this a major accomplishment in my video-making career thus far.

I wanted to put together a collab video with Craig for a long time, and for some reason my mind kept returning to this idea of a news cast. The first idea was for me to be reporting on a story of his clones all joining PeTA, but that idea got scrapped when I realized it would take a TON of work and a green screen--which I don't own--and most of the work would be put on the person I was asking to collab with, which is just not socially acceptable for the first time you're collabing with someone. So I sat on the idea for a long time, mulling it over in my head, trying to come up with a solution that would be simple enough to pull off given our respective time constraints, yet cool enough that I would be proud to put it out there on YouTube.

Then I began reading the moderator module on my channel and realized that I'd had an idea staring me in the face that could be used for this collab. The idea was simple enough: "how to care for your beard." It's been long established that Craig is a beard enthusiast, and I wanted to be able to tie him in somehow. So I sent him a rough draft of the script, which he liked and within a few weeks he'd sent me the clip.

I wanted other people involved as well, but could really only think of one other beardly type person that I was friends with, and that was Cody. So I sent him a quick message and he came through in style as well.

All in all I'm really proud of this video, I think it's entertaining and fun without being too "look at this great collab I did" you know? It feels very organically put together for me, even though it's totally planned and all that.

Anyway, enough talking about it, here's the video:

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