Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pixel Meadow

I am fully aware that I have failed the 365 project. I'm ok with this fact. Most of what I do these days doesn't involve thinking about taking pictures of anything other than Pixel, and I doubt people would be interested in seeing the blurry close-ups I take of her while holding her in my arms.

Besides, everyone knows that the cuteness of babies is found best in video form. I mean, pictures are a nice way to carry around a reminder in your wallet, but the real treasures come in the little sneezes and coos and cute-as-shit yawns that babies do, and those things look stupid in a still photo.

That is why I've been posting little short clips of Pixel to my alternate channel on YouTube, below is a playlist of all of the video I've posted thus far, if it works properly, this playlist should automatically update when I add a new video, so you can check back here as often as you'd like and see if there is a new video up.

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